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Help, Tips & Strategies

Quick tips and tricks to help you become a better Word Guess player.

Word Guess

Here are some quick tips and strategies to help you become a better Word Guess (and Wordle) player.  If you follow these steps, you will be able to solve a puzzle in six tries almost every single time.  If you still need help, you can always use our Word Guess Solver.

  1. Experts start with 2 different words that do no contain the same letters, even if you get yellow or green letters in your first guess. This maximizes the number of letters you can eliminate from the secret word and increases your chance of solving the word in fewer guesses.  It seems strange at first not to use letters that you already know are correct, but the mathematical probability of solving on the second guess is very low.  It can happen, but it’s not likely.
  2. Never start with a word that has two of the same letters. This reduces your clues to the secret word by a minimum of 25%.  We would also recommend never using a word with the same letter in your second guess either.
  3. Use starting words from our Word Guess Starting Words list. This list was created by analyzing the Word Guess Dictionary of all the possibly secret words, cataloging each letter’s frequency per word and position.  Your first word guess is the most critical decision in each round of gameplay.
  4. Make sure you if you have Yellow Letters from guesses that you don’t use words that have those letters in the same incorrect position as a previous guess. It seems obvious, but it’s a common mistake and again, can be costly in solving for the secret word in fewer guesses.